Let’s Make a Deal

Earlier this week, we shared a video about how to find a percent. We talked all about where you might see a percent being used outside of school. One of the places mentioned was at a store.

Many times stores will have sales and they’ll offer a discount on an item. For example, a store may offer Math Movie Network DVDs at 25% off. We learned how to find the new price based on the percent off.

In order to find the discount, you must first change your percent into a decimal. You can do so by dividing by 100, or by simply moving your decimal
two spaces to the left.

After you have changed your percent to a decimal, you find your discount by multiplying your original price by the decimal you just found.

The price that you found is your discount! So you will save $5.00 off of the original $20.00 price. Now, to find the new price of the item, you subtract your discount from your original price.

So after the 25% off discount, the price of the DVDs will be $15.00. That’s a great deal if you ask me!

To help show you these steps, Andrew, Steven, Jenny, and Alyssa created a video to help show how to find a discounted price. You can watch it below.

*Have you ever bought something that was on sale?*

*Why do you think it’s important to know how to do this?*

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23 Responses

  1. Mrs. Hembree says:

    Dear Avery Bunch,
    Great video on finding the sale price on that TV! I think knowing how to figure out percents is one skill you will use all the time!
    I like to go to stores and find sales, but I hate to pay full price. I like to find items that have the greatest percent off on the sale price!
    Thanks for giving clear directions on how to do that! Sometimes I do something really fast so I can figure in my head. For 20% off something, I figure out what 10% would be and add it twice. It gives me 20% really fast.
    Another awesome video by the Avery Bunch, which is why the Bulldog Readers nominated YOU for Best Use of Video in the Edublog Awards! http://bit.ly/sEDJsl
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Sam R. says:

      Dear Mrs. Hembree,

      Thank you for watching our new video. Thank you for also nominating us for the best use of video! The way you figure out percents is really easy! (and less confusing than I thought it would be). Thanks again!

      -S♥m R.

  2. martin says:

    Dear Mr. Avery’s class,

    I learned a lot about decimals and percentage. That reminds me that I had a math test today that was about it. I liked the video that you made. It was very entertaining. I liked when you figured out how to figure out how much it costs.

    Techie Kids

    • Sam R. says:

      Dear Martin from the Techie Kids,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog! Whats your favorite part of the video? My favorite part is when Steven is thinking of chocolate cake. I hope you learned a lot about decimals and percentage. Thanks again!

      -S♥m R.

  3. jenny says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    I relly like the math post you posted. I think it was really descriptive. I really like the way it was posted too.


    • Wesley K. says:

      Dear Jenny,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. I hope you learned a lot about discounts. What was your favorite part of the post? and again, we appreciate that you thank the great talent of the video.

      We hope to see you again.

      Wes K.

  4. angelica says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    We have been learning about money and percentages in our class too. We think that your video would be very helpful for anyone who wants to know about decimals and percentages. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    We read your post about math movie night. We think that it was intereting to learn about. We are learing about math too. One of our favorite subjects is math. Is one of your favorite subjects math?

    Carley and Angelica the Techie Kids

    • Sam R. says:

      Dear Carly and Angelica,

      Its always good to learn something new in math. Thank you for watching our new video! One of my favorite subjects is math! [if its not boring!] Thanks again!

      -Sam R.

  5. Ariel says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    That was a cool video and I enjoyed the bloopers. I’m going to the dance tonight with Emily. I’m so excited.

    ♥ Ariel ♥

    • Fiona P. says:

      Dear Ariel,

      I think you went to the same dance as I did in Halifax. Thank you for commenting on our blog.


  6. Jos Dudley says:

    Hi Mr Avery and class,
    I was on twitter tonight and found a link to your math videos.
    What a great way to learn fractions, decimals and percentages! It was lovely to know that we in Year 3 in Sydney Australia have been learning these too!
    I love the videos and will look forward to sharing them with my class on Monday morning.
    Thank you so much for sharing these.

    Warm regards,
    Jos Dudley
    PS I loved the Brady Bunch when I was growing up.

    • Wesley k. says:

      Dear Jos Dudley,

      Thanks for writing such a thoughtful comment as yours. I never knew that we had a twitter link! Keep those questions and comments coming in.

      We would love to hear you again!

      Wesley K.

  7. Mrs. Watson says:

    Dear Mr. Avery and Class,
    Thank you for making another great video! I am sure that your videos help a lot of people understand math better. I know that I would have preferred learning about discounts this way instead of from a math textbook.

    As always, I am also very impressed with the video itself. I am learning more about making movies with my own class and know that I can always look to your blog to be amazed!

    Looking forward to your next movie,

    Mrs. Watson

    • Wesley K. says:

      Dear Mrs. Watson,

      Thank you for appreciating our class videos. We really enjoy that you like them. And hope to see you again! :grin:


  8. Emmy:) says:

    Dear Mr. Avery’s class,

    You made a really good video. Even though I still don’t understand it, it was helpful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Kirstyn M. says:

      Dear Emmy,
      Thanks! Our class tries our hardest to make great videos! I hope you like our other videos! I think you would defiantly love our blooper video! Have a great Thanksgiving!

      Kirstyn :mrgreen:

  9. Jenna says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    I think that knowing how to do percentages is very important in a time when you are, in fact buying a T.V.! I did indeed need some knowledge on that! Why, I think that was an awesome video on percentages! I liked the part when the cake popped up. My mouth started watering! I also liked how they had conjoined day dreams!

    A Techie Kid,

    • Kirstyn M. says:

      Dear Jenna,
      Percentages are very important in real life and for buying a television or just calculating sales! I think you would like our bloopers video if you liked this. I also know somebody named Jenna, what a crazy coincidence! I also rejoice while eating cake! Happy Thanksgiving!

      Kirstyn :mrgreen:

  10. Caleb says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    The fall is over. I am a Michigan State fan but I also like Ohio State too. Your math video was very helpful to the techie kids #5 grade. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Kirstyn M. says:

      Dear Caleb,
      I am ecstatic that you learned something from our video! Happy Thanksgiving and almost Christmas and early New Years!
      Kirstyn M. :mrgreen:

  11. Maddy says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    I liked your post about the sales. What I liked about it was that I learned all about how to read and take stuff off of a sale. Thank you for all your help.

    Maddy a techie kid

  12. Hannah K. says:

    Dear Maddy,

    Thank you for the comment. It’s wonderful you learned something from our crazy video. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Hannah :smile:

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