Abuzz for the Geography Bee

Yesterday we had our yearly school Geography Bee. Ten lucky students were able to compete in the finals after having our preliminary rounds in class previously. Last week, all students went through seven rounds of questions. Questions related to states, oceans, and world geography. After, the seven rounds, we tallied up how many correct answers each student had. We had two with six correct so we had to have a tie breaker!

After going back and forth for many questions, Taite finally emerged as the grade six champion! She was automatically in the finals. Tessa, who also had six correct answers ended up getting in as well!

After each grade level winner and anyone with six correct answers got in, there were still six spots remaining for the finals. All students who had five correct went to a tiebreaker for those final spots. After many rounds and some incredible answers, four other sixth graders ended up making the finals. Frankie, Anthony, Molly and Faith would be joining Taite and Tessa.

The amount of information these students knew was so impressive! Some of our blogging helped as one of the questions was about what country the state of Victoria was in. Of course we know that’s Australia because that’s where 2KM and 2KJ are!

As the finals began, we learned that it was single elimination until we were down to the final two. We were all excited with anticipation of who would be the final two! Our photographers, Sam, Morgan and Emma did an amazing job of capturing the action.

As the numbers dwindled, we were down to our final two, Kaylee and Faith. Curious to know who won? Well, you’ll just have to watch the video below!

Congratulations to all! Everyone did an amazing job and it’s evident how much you’ve learned about geography in your time here at school!

Want to test your own geography skills? Try out a few of the questions below! Share your answers in the comment section. If you’re having a bit of trouble, use the Google map at the bottom of this post to help find the answer!

1. Before flowing into the Baltic Sea, the Oder River forms part of Germany’s border with what neighboring country?

2. Located south of the Cape York Peninsula and southwest of Melville, the Gilbert River has no water during the dry months in what country?

3. Desalination of salt water from the Persian Gulf provides fresh water to people in which country – Saudi Arabia or Tunisia?

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26 Responses

  1. I like the spelling and geography bees that happen in America, we don’t tend to have them in England anywhere near as much. The students obviously had a lot of knowledge.
    I wonder why these events are called ‘bees’?

    Mr E

  2. Mrs Kathleen Morris says:

    Dear Mr Avery and class,

    Your geography bee looked like so much fun! I enjoy learning about geography so I would have really loved to be there.

    I have never been at a school where there was a geography bee or a spelling bee or something like that. I have seen ‘bees’ on tv and in books so I think it is an American thing.

    I was so glad that you knew where Victoria is – our home state!

    A big congratulations to Kaylee for first place and also Faith and Molly for second and third place. I’m also so impressed with all of your other finalists.

    Here are two geography questions for you.

    1. What is the capital city of Australia?

    2. What is the capital city of Victoria, Australia?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs M☀rris

  3. Tristan B. says:

    Dear Taite and Mr. Avery,

    When I heard that Kaylee’s answer was correct, she must of been very happy to accomplish that huge thing. Even Kaylee is in the 5th grade and won the Geography Bee. She is most likely to win next time I think. I only got 3 right. That is pretty sad. I hope you have an adventurous Thursday!


    • Taite B. says:

      Dear Tristan,

      Thanks so much for commenting on the blog! I can’t wait for the Spelling Bee and spirit Week to soon come. This year Spirit Week will be 10x better than 2 year ago….Thanks again.

      Taite B. (your sister)

    • Taite B. says:

      Dear Tristan,

      Today everyone that hasn’t been in a video for the blog will be in an epic one today. I can’t wait to see what it’s gonna be about! Keep checkin’ in and commenting!

      Taite Beale

    • Ed S. says:

      Dear Tritsan,

      Thank you for the comment. 3 questions that you got right is not sad. Besides we don’t even know most of the questions. All you have to do is keep your hopes up and keep on trying. And who knows it could be you next year!

      Ed S.

  4. Taite B. says:

    Dear Mrs. Morris,

    Thanks so much for commenting on the blog! The capital city of Australia is Canberra. And the capital city for Victoria, Australia is Melbourne. As Crowned the Geography winner for the 6th grade, I was very nervous going up against my own classmates. But it all payed off because we all did a terrific job!Thanks again for commenting!

    Taite B.

  5. Mr. Princiotta says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    I was SO proud of my daughter Tessa for getting in let alone 4th place! I am anxious to see if she gets in the spelling bee that she has talked about so much! Have a wonderful day.

    – Mr. Princiotta :mrgreen:

    • Mr. Avery says:

      Hi Mr. P,

      You should definitely be very proud of her! She did an amazing job. I can’t imagine it’s easy to be in front of everyone like that! She was so composed and did a great job!

      Mr. Avery

  6. Emma's Dad says:

    Hi 6th Grade,
    Geography is one of my favorite subjects, congratulations to all of the contestants. It’s challenging to answer questions, never mind up on stage infront of an audience, good work! I don’t think anyne answered the 3 challenge questions yet. I’ll throw out an answer for the first one – Poland.

    Emma’s Dad

    • Emma W says:

      Dear Dad,
      Thank you for commenting! I loved watching all of the people compete in the Geography Bee. It was fun learning about all of the places in the world! Thanks for commenting!

      ~ Emma W

  7. Liz P. says:

    All the students who got into the spelling bee finals should be very proud of themselves. They all did a great job. It was very exciting to watch the students participate… I was on the edge of my seat!

    Congratulations to all!

    • Tessa :mrgreen: says:

      Dear mom,

      I know! You seriously are like a walking dictionary! Everybody agrees, well in Miss Girard’s class anyways. I love learning pretty random things from you!

  8. Thank you for sharing this great idea. I teach high school Geography and can see how it would work for us too!

  9. Fiona says:

    Dear Tessa,
    Congrats on your fabulous finish in forth place!


    • Tessa says:

      Dear Fiona,

      Thank you SO much! I thought you did well on the class geography bee! I was lucky this year because I usually only get 2 or 3 right but 6 is a great acomplishment for me!

      Tessa :cool:

  10. Morgan M. says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,
    I had so much fun in the geography bee. I did not make it to he final but I still had fun. Congratulations to all the finalist and a big congratulations to Kaylee for winning first place. It must be really hard to answer a lot of hard question in front of a ton of people.

    Morgan M

  11. Kelsea R. says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    I was sick during the Geography Bee so unfortunately I missed out on all the fun. It looked so much fun and I love Geography. I hope you have a great day. :grin:


  12. Tristan B. says:

    Dear Taite,

    I was surprised that you were in to the top 10 ! I wish I was you. I had only 3 right that is sad.


  13. Tom B. says:

    Dear Taite,

    So proud of my daughter Taite. You did an amazing job in the Geography Bee. Even though you didn’t win out of the whole school, you won Geography champ for the 6th grade. Keep up the great work.


  14. Tara W (Emma's Mom) says:

    Thank you for helping the kids learn about georgraphy in a fun way with the georgraphy bee. Although Emma didn’t do as well as she would have liked, she had a great time as I have heard that the other kids did, too.

    • Emma W says:

      Dear Mom,
      Thank you for commenting! I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but I still had fun. Congratulations to all of the people that made it to the finals! The questions were really tough! Nice job! Thank you so much for commenting on the blog!

  15. Morgan M. says:

    Dear Kelsea,
    I am sorry that you missed the Geography Bee I am sure if you were there you would have done well. I hope you are feeling better.
    Your friend,
    Morgan M.

  16. Kevin B says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,

    The Spelling Bee was real fun. It made it more fun that came to be the end and they kept getting the same answers.

    Kevin B.

  17. Kaylee W. says:

    Dear Mr.Avery,
    The geography bee was really fun. I knew most of the answers. This year I want to give other kids a chance because I already won. My sister is at the age where she can compete I want to see what happens this year!

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