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We have some of the most amazing blogging buddies around the world. They are always there to share amazing comments when we add a new post. We’ve done so many incredible projects with them over the course of the last couple years. Now, they’ve helped to make a big birthday pretty special for Mr. Avery.

Upon waking up on Saturday morning, I noticed my our blogging buddies had quite a few new posts. Upon further inspection, I noticed that they were all about the same thing, my birthday! I was so impressed that they all took the time to make something to celebrate my day!

Mrs. Yollis, 4KM/4KJ, Mr. Salsich, B4, and Mrs. Watson, all had posts up that included a Prezi that they all collaborated on to create. Within the Prezi, each class had made a video to wish me a happy birthday. I highly recommend you check it out by clicking on any of the links above! Mrs. Kistler and the 49ers also had a great blog post for us as well!

We without a doubt have the best blogging buddies we could ever ask for. They’ve made learning so much more exciting and real for us. As opposed to learning about a location on a map, we’ve been able to learn about it through connecting with these classes. They’ve shared so much more with us than we ever could’ve imagined and we’re so grateful for that.

So, to all of you, THANK YOU!

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12 Responses

  1. Dear Mr Avery and Grade 6
    We were so pleased that we were able to celebrate your birthday with you in just a small way! Milestone birthdays are always pretty special.

    We look forward to more connections with you as the year goes by.

    warm wishes
    Mrs McKenzie and B4

  2. Kealee says:

    Dear Mr Avery and Class,

    Hi my name is Kealee and I am in 4KM with Mrs Morris.

    We are all very glad that you enjoyed the Happy Birthday post!

    It was nice to hear that you had a big suprise. I am just hoping that is was a good suprise?

    I think that the prezi was very interesting and I was very proud of myself and all the other people because I was so excited when I was just watching it.

    I just wanted to say we thought it would be a good idea to rap the song because we got so inspired when we saw you rap. You are such an amazing rapper!

    Did you enjoy your birthday?

    Did you enjoy the rap?

    If you have any questions just ask?

    Bye for now,
    Kealee :mrgreen:

    • Mr. Avery says:

      Dear Kealee,

      You should definitely be very proud of yourself! All of you did an absolutely amazing job! All of my students think I should make another rap. What do you think? Should I make another one?

      The prezi and videos were a huge surprise. I was so happy to see it from everyone! Thank you so much!

      Mr. Avery

      • Kealee says:

        Dear Mr Avery,

        Thank you for replying to me!

        Of course I think that you should write another rap.
        When you write it, put it on the blog so me and the rest of the class can see. I promise every one will love it.

        Where would the world be with out a teacher like you!

        If you have any questions please ask?

        From your new friend,
        Kealee :mrgreen:

        • Mr. Avery says:

          Dear Kealee,

          That was very kind of you to say! I certainly wouldn’t be teaching if it weren’t for great students like you!

          I think I’ll definitely keep working on writing a new rap. I promise, as soon as it’s made, we’ll put it up on the blog!

          What is your favorite thing about living in Australia? Do you enjoy eating vegemite? We tried it here in school and some students really enjoyed it while others didn’t like it that much!

          Your blogging buddy,
          Mr. Avery

  3. Molly C. says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,
    I hoped you enjoyed your birthday! It was so funny in the hall. I have to tell the story: We were walking from lunch, in our very straight line, and the second grade was in front of us. So, they suddenly stopped. Mr. Avery was walking with us. Then, all of a sudden the second grade starting singing happy birthday! So our grade joined in.


    • Mr. Avery says:

      Dear Molly,

      I definitely did not expect everyone to stop and sing happy birthday to me in the hallway! That was a HUGE surprise. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen two grade levels singing happy birthday to someone before!

      I had a wonderful birthday. I had so much fun at the Bruins game and a ton of fun up in Boston Saturday night. It couldn’t have been any better!

      Mr. Avery

  4. James and Trent says:

    Dear Mr Avery,
    Its Trent and James from 4KM and 4KJ.

    Happy Birthday :LOL: . We Hope you liked our Prezi we did for your birthday.

    We are going to tell a little bit about our selves
    We both love chocolate.
    we like drawing cars.
    we enjoy blogging.
    we are insterested in snakes and cats.

    hope we can skype with you soon.

    From James and Trent :mrgreen:

    • Mr. Avery says:

      Dear James and Trent,

      Thank you for your amazing comment! I absolutely loved the prezi that all of you made for me.

      I’m glad to see that you love so many things that I also love. We have a lot in common! Out of all of those though, I’d have to say that my favorite is chocolate!

      Do you see a lot of snakes in Australia? When we watch about Australia on American TV, they talk a lot about all the snakes you have in Australia! We only see them here every once in a while but none of them are poisonous.

      Mr. Avery

  5. Kirstyn M. says:

    Dear Mr. Avery,
    I know I haven’t commented on the blog much because I have my own now but I decided to comment. I made a new post,
    You can check it out here:
    Hope you had a great birthday!
    Kirstyn M. :mrgreen:

    • Mr. Avery says:

      Dear Kirstyn,

      Thank you so much for sharing! I will definitely take a look at it and leave a comment!

      I really appreciate everything all of you did for my birthday! All of you truly helped to make it a special day.

      Mr. Avery

  6. Mr Avery you just share such great things on-line in such a nice way. I’d love to be just 30 again, so make the most of it, as I’m sure you do!

    Mr E

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