The World’s Fair 2012

The time for the World’s Fair finally arrived. After all our hard work on our Animotos, animal interviews, habitat displays, reports, and everything they did for Miss Girard and the social studies portion, the day had finally come for us to share it with the rest of the school and community.

Once we were set up, all students had their own table to display all of their work. Our cafeteria had a pathway of tables for people to make their way through. At the end, up on the stage, we had a movie theater showing all of our videos that we had created as part of our project. During the school day, classes came through two at a time to ask questions and hear all about each student’s country and animal. At night, parents and other members of the community came in to visit to see all of our efforts at completion.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the students either preparing for the day or answering questions about their country and animal!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

We wanted to share our entire day with you but we knew there was no way we’d be able to do that. So, instead, we created a time lapse video of our nighttime event. Our document camera took pictures every 3 seconds over the course of an hour and a half. Once put together into a video, our hour and half nighttime event can now be viewed in just over 3 minutes!

If you could choose any country to study, what would it be?

If you could choose any animal to study, what would it be?

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3 Responses

  1. Mrs Booth says:

    This is excellent and the time lapse video a brilliant idea. Can I ask what a document camera is and what type you used? I loved the World Fair concept bringing the project to life.

    One country I would like to visit would be Denmark and an animal that interests me is th Tawny Frogmouth.

    Great work everyone

    Kate Booth

  2. Maha says:

    Dear Mr Avery,

    I love the idea of studying an animal and what place it comes from!

    Using the document camera must have come in handy for you!

    If I could study any place it would probalby be Perth and the animal would be the Tasmanian Devil.

    From your blogging buddy,


    • Wesley K. says:

      Dear Maha,

      Thanks for commenting on our blog!
      Studying the animals was a ton of fun. And the document camera was very handy, how would we be able to make the videos? Studying the Tasmanian Devil would be interesting because not many people know a lot about the Tasmanian Devil.

      Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

      Wesley K.

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