Changing It Up


Our first ever post on Edublogs was on November 29, 2010. We announced the new host for our blog after previously having used Blogger and Between then and now, we’ve written 159 posts and had over 130,000 visitors! We couldn’t have been happier with Edublogs and everything that they’ve provided to us. They’ve provided a safe, secure place to host our blog and share it with the educational community.

As time has gone on, Mr. Avery has taken an interest in web design. As great as Edublogs has been and as many options as it provides, we wanted to the opportunity to design a blog in any way that we wish. So, we’re moving to a new site. Our class blog can now be found at Although we’ll continue to use Edublogs in some capacity, all new posts can be found at this new site. We certainly hope that you’ll pay us a visit to check out the new site and leave us a comment about your thoughts! We wanted to create something that showcases our class but is easy to navigate so any suggestions are always welcome!


Before we go, we wanted to say thank you to Edublogs, their amazing staff, and everyone who has visited us and helped facilitate our learning! Our experience here has been nothing but the best and we wouldn’t have had it without all of you!


One thought on “Changing It Up

  • April 19, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Nice work Mr Avery!


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