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Say Cheese!

We’ve been doing so many incredible things in the classroom this year. Students have been working so hard on all of our math and science concepts. We’ve done some great projects and we’ve gotten...

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The Great Circle Hunt of 2012

They’re mysterious. They’re ominous. They’re elusive. Those circles are impossible to track down. Ok, well maybe not really. Circles are actually all over the place. Almost everywhere you turn you can find a circle....

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A Change of Appearance

Hair is neatly combed and brushed. Clothes have been straightened out and arranged in the nicest fashion. That sounds like your typical picture day at school, right? Well, our picture day just so happened...

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Running in Circles

Today we discussed all things circles. We talked about the radius, diameter, circumference, and angles. Thanks to technology, we had a whole new way of learning about it! A couple weeks ago, one of...

A New Year…A Few Changes! 45

A New Year…A Few Changes!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer! I know mine has certainly been busy getting ready for the new school year. This year will definitely be a little bit different though. I’m no longer...

Angry Bird Angles 29

Angry Bird Angles

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