Say Cheese!

We’ve been doing so many incredible things in the classroom this year. Students have been working so hard on all of our math and science concepts. We’ve done some great projects and we’ve gotten to work with some great classes from around the world. We’ve been able to share a lot of what we do through our blog. However, we wanted to be able to show you in other ways as well.

We now have our own class Instagram. Students are able to take pictures using one of our tablets in class and it will automatically be shared with you if you are following our account or if you find our Instagram slideshow on the right sidebar of this blog. You can follow us by clicking here or by searching for our account, mraverystudents, in the Instagram app.

We’ll continue to add pictures to our account throughout the year so you’ll be able to see us during all different types of activities. So give us a follow and check out what we’re working on! Or, you can also check out our slideshow below which will update with our pictures as we add them on to Instagram.

Also, don’t forget to check out the interactive 360° panorama of our classroom! You can take a spin around our room by clicking here.

If you like taking or viewing pictures, we’d also like to recommend Mrs. Yollis’ 365 project. Last year either Mrs. Yollis or her students posted one picture and information about it every day for the entire year! They’re continuing the project again this year but are now accepting pictures from people around the world to add to their 365 project for 2013. If you’re interested in adding a picture, you can find more information here.


What would you like to see pictures of?

Do you have any way that your class shared pictures?


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Time for Summer!

On Friday, our school year came to a close. It was a tough day for all of us as the sixth grade students entered and exited the classroom for the last time. Next year they’ll be combining with students from two other towns and heading up to the middle school. However, there was no way we were going to let them leave school without giving them a proper sendoff.

In order to make the end of the year special for our students, we had so many end of the year activities. The sixth graders had a cookout where our principal, Mr. Veneto, brought in a grill and make hamburgers and hot dogs for all of them. After field day we flew our kites that we had made during math thanks to an idea Mr. Salsich shared with us last year. We took part in our annual Field Day which is always a favorite of the students. Also, thanks to a wonderful idea by Miss Girard, we had a carnival to celebrate the completion of our state testing. Everyone had a chance to participate in numerous carnival games and even have their picture taken in a special way that you can see below.

We had two amazing field trips. Our first was to Sandy Neck Beach where students waded through tide pools and strolled through the salt marshes, collecting and categorizing different species of crabs, fish, and shrimp.

The second field trip was aboard the OceanQuest Discovery Cruise. We headed out into the harbor and students brought up lobster pots filled with lobsters and crabs. They also learned how to take all sorts of tests with the water including checking salinity and the pH balance.

The final step to our year was our sixth grade graduation. Students received awards for all their hard work throughout the course of the year. Everyone then received their diplomas and graduation was complete, or so everyone thought. We may have been working on a little surprise for a couple weeks before our graduation. Watch the video below to see what the surprise was that we had in store for everyone. The second video is the same thing which we did again for the entire school on the last day.

Thank you everyone for an incredible year. Have a wonderful summer!


What was your favorite part of the year?

Have you ever been in a flash mob before?


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Chris van Allsburg – As Retold by Mr. Avery’s Class

For the last month, we have been studying all about Chris van Allsburg.  We learned some great information about him.  Did you know that he didn’t even start getting into art until he decided he wanted to be an architect in high school?  Another interesting fact is that his brother-in-law David had a bull terrier named Winston.  Chris van Allsburg used that dog as a model for a dog named Fritz in his first book, The Garden of Abdul Gasazi.  After that, van Allsburg found a way to fit Fritz into every book he wrote!  So anytime you look through a Chris van Allsburg book, search for Fritz!

As part of our author study, students had to choose a Chris van Allsburg story and create their own picture book.  Each book had to include the plot, setting, characters, problem, solution, and an about the author section.  Students also had to include pictures in the same style that Chris van Allsburg used in his book.  They turned out amazing!  Here are a few examples:

This week students have had an opportunity to share their story retellings in class.  They’ve done a wonderful job of showing they understand the important story elements involved in each van Allsburg book.  Enjoy a slideshow of the students sharing their stories.  A special thanks to our digital chief this week, Ariel, for taking some wonderful pictures!

Great job everyone!  I know Chris van Allsburg would be proud!

*What did you learn about Chris van Allsburg?*

*What Chris van Allsburg book had your favorite illustrations?*

*What was your favorite part in the book you chose?*

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