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Australia Day!

Australia Day

January 26th is Australia Day! Australia Day is much like the 4th of July here in the United States. It’s a national holiday often celebrated with BBQ and fireworks! January 26th is the day that Captain Arthur Phillip arrived in present day Sydney in the year 1787. This is often known as the arrival of [...]

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A Bite of Vegemite


Last week we received a package in the mail. The first thing that caught our attention was was the address where it was sent from. In December, you may remember that we received a package from 2KM and 2KJ. We had a suspicion that this package might be from them too. When we opened it, [...]

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Story Time


It’s always fun to write a story. Deciding on a plot, setting, characters, and illustrations can allow you to create a world that can be shared with others. What can be better than that? Well, how about writing stories with friends from Australia? We paired up with our buddies from 2KM and 2KJ to write [...]

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An Australian Surprise


As we were learning in math class, our principal walked into the room holding a package. He told us that we had something that seemed to travel a pretty long way to get to us. He handed us the package. We took a look and noticed that it was from Australia. We had a sneaking [...]

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Edublog Awards – Voting Now Open

Edublog Votes

The nomination process for the Edublog Awards has closed and voting has begun. When we hopped on to look this morning, we were ecstatic to find we had been nominated in three categories! We need your support to help highlight all the hard work and effort we have put into our blog and wikis. You [...]

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