A Few Changes

Hi. My name is Oscar. That’s a picture of me right above. I’m one good looking dog aren’t I? Well, I also just so happen to be Mr. Avery’s dog. He has no idea that I’ve taken over his blog. However, I think Oscar’s Blog has a much better sound to it than Mr. Avery’s Blog, don’t you? Did you just hear a squirrel? I just heard a squirrel. Oh wait, nevermind. It was just the wind. Where was I? Oh yes. I think there need to be a few changes around here. No more pictures of all these kids working hard and making videos and things like that. I’d like to see more pictures of food. Pictures of chicken, tuna, or anything else will do just fine. I’ll eat just about anything so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

Delicious. Just get rid of that green stuff in there, would ya?

I also think this site needs more videos of puppies and dogs doing funny stuff. Sure, math may be important. I like to count how many pieces of cheese I can get Mr. Avery to give me everyday by giving him those puppy dog eyes (my record is 35). But enough of these math videos already. Where of the videos of dogs doing tricks? Where are the videos of puppies being really cute? That’s the stuff the people really want to see! Take a look at this video below. Who doesn’t want to see more of that? Genius Hour project? You know what would be really genius, an hour of me doing nothing but eating. That’s a TRUE Genius Hour.

Alright, I’ve got a toy that needs the stuffing ripped out of it because that little squeaky thing inside of it is absolutely driving me nuts! Then I’ve got a nice, long nap planned. But before I go, I caught Mr. Avery doing something really funny this morning. If you want to see it, you need to click here. Bark at you soon!

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35 Responses

  1. Ari says:

    Dear Oscar,

    Don’t worry your secret is safe with me!
    Maybe you could be our class mascot. I’ve always loved dogs!
    Good luck with your new blog. It’s hard to keep up with it but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it!


    • Oscar says:

      Dear Ari,

      Thank you for keeping my secret safe. I would love to be your mascot. I’ll take the job for 7 dog bones and a pool full of dog food, nothing less. So as soon as I see that I’ll happily be your mascot. I’m not sure how long this whole blogging thing is in my future. Mr. Avery just found out about it and sent me to my bed. Little does he know that I love my bed. It’s so soft and comfy. I could lay in here all day!


    • Josh H says:

      Dear Ari,

      I think that would be an awesome to have Oscar as our mascot….. hopefully we can convince Mr. Avery. Well at least we have Oscar on board. :)

  2. Jack the Dog says:

    Deer Oscar,
    I reely luv yur Blog! I am a yellowe lab named Jack. I agree with u, that food luks gud!But the green stuf is a no. My humanz think thet I am a vegeteriun, but I am not. I cannot wurk computerz as gud as u. My pawz alwayz miss the kees. I hope mr. Avery dozent find out that u took over hiz blog. I want 2 see more food than picturez of my human. Eye got a water bottle out of the trash can. It makez a funny noize when you chomp it.
    Bye Oscar,
    Jack the Dog

    • Oscar says:

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for writing me! I just keep getting all these comments from those humans. There great for getting food from and having them rub my belly but it’s good to catch up with another dog from time to time. Maybe we can head to a dog park sometime? We can chase after tennis balls and then lay out in the sun. Sounds like the prefect day to me! Woof at me soon!


  3. Tristan B. says:

    Dear Oscar A.K.A Mr. Avery,

    Congratulations on “Taking Over” our class blog! Also, I, too, agree that “Oscar’s Blog” has a better ring to it rather than “Mr Avery’s Class Blog.” I noticed that you also “fooled” me on April Fool’s Day. It was a dead giveaway when I read Oscar’s Blog, because how could he know where to find that to change the title picture. Before you taught me how to use the blog you gave me, I didn’t know how to even change anything! Well have to go watch LearnZillion videos!
    Tristan- :)

    • Oscar says:

      Dear Tristan,

      Oscar’s Blog sounds so much better. It’s nice and short. I was even thinking Oscar’s Dog Blog. It could be all about dogs and the title even rhymes! What do you think?

      I don’t know what you’re talking about with this being Mr. Avery. I’m a pretty smart dog. What do you think I do all day while he’s gone?

      I hope you enjoyed those videos! I’m going to see if I can get Mr. Avery to give me some treats!


  4. Starey K. says:

    You inspire me so! XD! Oh,and I’m Anna’s sister Sarah’s hamster! [Or so it seems………….] Oh, and don’t tell the Knights I used the computer, They won’t be happy if you do!

    Starey K.

    • Oscar says:

      Hi Starey,

      It’s nice to hear from you. It’s probably a good thing that we don’t meet though because if you’re a hamster, I’d probably chase you all over the place. I’d be so mad if I couldn’t catch you!

      You should probably stay off the computer though. I don’t want your paws getting in the cracks of the keyboard and you getting stuck. Anyway, don’t you have a wheel you need to go run on or something?

      Catch you soon,

      • Libby, Callie, Kenny, and Penny says:

        Dear Oscar,

        We are from the Heath household. We are Penny,Kenny, and Callie the cats. i Am lIbbY, i aM jOsH’S Guiny pIg. It iS hArD tO tYpe WITH SuCh SmalL PaWs.

        Anyway I hope you can make yur oun blogg soo wy cane tak moro



        PeNnY,KeNNy, Callie, AnDddd LiBBBBby

  5. Oscar's Mommy says:

    Hi this is Oscar’s mommy. I did not realize the little rascal took over your blog! He is so grounded! I already sent him to bed without a bone. He was not happy. Hopefully he will leave your blog alone in the future but who knows…

    • Oscar says:

      Hi mommy,

      I’m sorry. I won’t ever do it again. Please don’t send me to bed without a cookie. You know I’ll just look at you with those sad eyes if you do!

      Oscar :(

  6. Rainbow (Marshall's Dog) says:

    Dear Oscar,
    I agree with you that food is way more interesting than all those pictures of my master and his friends. I also think Oscar’ s Blog has a much better ring to it than Mr. Avery’ s Classroom Blog, it’ s just to long! Also, please don’ t tell Marshall that I snuck onto his iPad to write this, he wouldn’t be to happy about that!

    P.S. Sammy gives his best regards. He is being brushed, not fun!

    • Oscar says:

      Hi Rainbow and Sammy,

      Sammy, I’m really sorry to hear bout all the brushing. Sometimes it feels good but I don’t have much hair to begin with so when they brush me I feel like it’s all going to fall out!

      Rainbow, you’re secret is safe with me. Just make sure you don’t scratch his iPad with those nails! I don’t think Marshall would be too happy with you!


    • Kaylee says:

      Dear Rainbow,
      I have a dog named Romeo he is a giant Chocolate lab. He got a hold of my laptop and wrote a comment on this blog. He should have used our big computer. It is cool that you can type on a computer, my dog can’t.

  7. Julie Hembree says:

    Dear Oscar,
    I hope you are a quiet dog. If you bark loudly then My dogs are going to want to join your fun, and no more reading will happen!
    Mrs.Hembree and NOT her dogs Reese and Kasa

    • Oscar says:

      Hi Mrs. Hembree,

      Reese and Kasa sound like they’d be fun to play with. I’m glad they like to read though! My favorite books are all the Clifford books. If we had a big, red dog in our backyard, there would never be any squirrels around! That’d be perfect!

      Thanks for writing in!


  8. LiBbY says:

    Dear, RaiNbOwE,

    LibbbyY HeeRe i Am jOsH’s guInY PiG. I Amm On Hiis dAd’s Lapetopp dId I he|AR The vegtible DrwzaweR OPenNNNNN

    SqUEAK U Sone


  9. Sturgis ( Jackie's cat) says:

    Dear Oscar,
    I thk this BLog ShouLd beE CallEd “Sturgis’s blog.” BeCause CAts R way BetteR than Dogs! U hAve to Bee walKeD on A leash EVery Day. I Hate leashes there Alwas puLling on U. But I geT to walk arounD freEly ALL DAY!! Plus if ths blog was mine aLL my cat FrieNds wood Be able to vISIT. I WOod have More Videos on catz. The Kute little Kittenz. Plus My Step sister ( loco ) would be able to VISit and Sea my amasing blog! Anyway tell ur Dog FRiends to stop Chasing meeee! i don’t Appresiate it!

    Meow you later,
    Sturgis ( Jackie’s cat )
    P.s don’t tell her I was on her iPad I’ll get put in “the dog house” as u say!

    • LiBbY says:

      DEaR StuRGiS,

      I aM lIbbY JoSh h’S GuiNy pIg I tink i os soo hardd too typy wen u dont no ho tooo spellll. AnnnD bye THe WAY u r sooo luky becose I hav 2 sTaY innn A cageee al daiii.

      SquEAk 2 u soon, ijustheardthecarret LibbY
      p.s. i Like CorretS. :) :) :)

      • Sturgis says:

        Dear Libby,
        U have 2 bee locked up alll day? That mus stink. I Hate BEeing inside aLl day (except when im sleeping) I just want to run around all dAY, chase birds or mice! I love to chase birds and mice, But Jackie yells at me for killing them.but hey what r u going to do about it? it’s either them or Jackie’s stuff… Oh i think i heard the food got to go see ya!

        – Sturgis

      • Rebecca A. says:

        Dear Libby,
        don’t feel bad, lots of animals have to stay in a cage. Dogs, Bunnies, and so many more. I must be hard to type being a Guiny pig. I wish you luck and carrots! :)


    • Oscar says:

      Dear Sturgis,

      How dare you! How dare you, a cat, show up here on a dog’s blog! Shouldn’t you be off coughing up hairballs or something?

      I agree with you though. There should be more videos of cats on here, videos of dogs chasing cats! Those are good videos. I enjoy those ones!

      Well, I suppose I should thank you for writing a comment just because I don’t want to be rude. It is pretty impressive that a cat can type. Just do me a favor and don’t bring any of that catnip stuff around. That stuff stinks!


  10. Romeo says:

    Dear Oscar,
    LET THE DOGS TAKE OVER! I am Romeo Kaylee’s dog. Don’t you just get so mad when other people or animals get attention but you don’t. Well I let Kaylee’s parents realize that I am people too. We have 3 cats I like Fuzzy and Princess but Saffie (Saffire, Inky, little brat) does not like me :,( it is not fair I like her so why does she not like me. ( I am going to take over Kaylee’s blog)

  11. The Kaylee's kool cats says:

    Dear Oscar,
    We are the Kaylee kool cats we are the cats of Kaylee’s blog. Are names are…….. ooh what does this button do…..asfdgtjhgtg”Fuzzy stop!!!!” Hi Oscar my name is Princess I am Kaylee’s kitten (I am just so cute even though I am 2 I still look like a new born :). ) Hey Oscar my name is Fuzzy I am the one who typed all those oh, thanks Princess they are called letters! Well I love dogs besides those who are big and mean. (Unlike Ro.) We kitty’s call him Ro even though his name is Romeo he is my best friend. ” Fuzzy give me the laptop now!” Hi Oscar I am Saffie I am a nice cat but when my siblings bug me I freak! Just today I sat on Kaylee’s lap and she was patting me man I love being pat but on squedual. Ok Saffie my turn to type oh no Kaylee’s coming…… ” Princess how did you know her password?”
    “I know things” Oh we gotta go by Oscar!
    Bye from Kaylee’s kool kitties.

  12. Romeo says:

    Hi Oscar,
    talk to you later,

    Yay I got it back to normal letters! :)

    • Kaylee says:

      Dear Romeo,
      You seriously used my laptop! I am going to have to start putting it away so you do not use it anymore. What else have you done?! Well I don’t know what I am going to do because you do not get any treats because you are to overweight.

  13. Molly C says:

    Dear Oscar (Or Mr.Avery, depending on who has the computer)
    This post was really funny and creative. My mom has a Chihuahua named Lily and a Terrier mix named Daisey. They are both always very interested in this contraption us humans call a laptop. Knowing how sneaky Lily is, if i ever left my computer open and unattended (plus after finding out about the ‘dog to English’ thing) she’d be writing comments and surfing YouTube too. ;) But Daisey would snitch. Anyways, I hope we hear from Oscar soon. <3
    Molly C

  14. Amy says:

    Dear Oscar,

    I am one of Mrs. Moore’s new bloggers from Techie kids.

    I loved the video of the puppy falling asleep. He was so cute.

    I also adored the Dog Tease video. My great friend Mikayla and I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Techie Kids

  15. Mikayla says:

    Dear Oscar,

    I am a new blogger in Mrs. Moore’s class at Techie kids.

    I love this video so much. It is so funny. My friend, Amy and I were laughing so hard that we couldn’t breathe.

    I have a dog also. He is a poodle and schnauzer mix. so he is a schnoodle haha. His name is Oliver. He is four years old. I got him on christmas a couple years ago. He was so tiny and small and his beared was gray. His beared is now white. He is not that big of a dog but he is very fat. Our family loves him so much though. Mabye you and my dog can hangout sometime.

    Mikayla at Techie Kids

  16. Marshall S. says:

    Dear Oscar, I thought that that video was really funny.
    I think the last thing that the person says to the dog is the funniest! I love that video.

    Marshall :mrgreen:

  17. Alyssa and Aly says:

    Dear Mr. Avery and Oscar ,

    We think that it is extreamly funny because your dog Oscar can’t possibly be able to type and it is weird that he actually can. We really like what Oscer posts. Our favourite part is when Oscar introduces himself and brags about being a good looking dog. I remember when my dog tried to model but it did not work out so well because she banged her head on my bed.
    Has Oscer ever tried doing anything else that silly?

    From Aly And Alyssa in Calgary Alberta

  18. Emily says:

    Hello ?

    That video of your’s is so cool. I wach that show EVERY day! It is so good like so good to whach. Have a good year!

    Good bloging:)

    From Emily

  19. ruby says:

    hello nice to meet you :)

    I really like that video i think that it is so funny. Do you think that to?

    i am reallr enjoying your blog I think that i is really exiting
    good choise in vedios

    from ruby

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