The Sound of the Holidays

The holidays are upon us again! It’s always incredible how quickly they seem to arrive. Soon we’ll be on vacation for a couple of weeks, spending time with family and friends. We’ll take a break, regroup, and come back for a new year completely refreshed and ready to continue our learning.

We’re always curious to know how our friends around the world celebrate this time of year though. There are so many different customs and traditions across the globe. How we spend this time of year is very different than how others do. On top of that, the music that accompanies the holidays differs as well. So we wanted to put together a playlist of some of our favorite holiday songs that we like to listen to this time of year. You can take a look at our playlist below and then we hope you’ll create your own and share it on your blog. When you do, link your post back to us. We’ll take the songs from all the playlists that are shared to create a global holiday playlist!

As always, we want to thank everyone who visits, comments, and participates on our blog! We appreciate you helping and sharing our learning. To thank you, we wanted to share a video that we made last year called the “12 Days of Blogging.” We hope you enjoy and have a great time this holiday season!

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5 Responses

  1. Mrs McKenzie and B4 says:

    Dear Mr Avery and class
    Although the students from B4 are now on summer vacation, I have made a post with some uniquely New Zealand Christmas songs for our playlist. I hope you enjoy them!

    Happy holidays to you all.

    Mrs McKenzie

  2. Tessa says:

    Hello Mr. Avery and Class,
    Mr. Avery may remember me. I’m Tessa! Previous Dennett student. Now I’m in 8th grade and loving it! You all have fun while you can ;) it gets tougher but there are plenty of oppurtunities to get involved in after school activities. And school itself can get pretty interesting throughout the year. Hasta luego mi amigos y senor Avery!
    Las estudiante
    (Yo hablar espanol…)

    • Mr. Avery says:

      Hi Tessa,

      Great to hear from you! I’m so glad to hear that you’re loving 8th grade. I knew everyone would be ecstatic about the middle school when you got there. It can just be a little intimidating when you first walk in!

      I see you’ve been learning a bit of Spanish as well! Estoy muy feliz de escuchar eso.

      Por favor, asegúrese de tomar el cuidado del gato y alimentarlo paletas. Sorry, my Spanish is a bit rusty!

      Senor Avery

  3. Kaylee says:

    Dear Mr.Avery,
    How are things going at Dennett? The middle school is great and a big step up from Dennett. I am actually as of today I am the 2014 Geography Bee school champion. Even though I won in fifth I did not see it coming. There was 30 other kids.

    • Mr. Avery says:

      Hi Kaylee,

      Congratulations! That is such an incredible accomplishment. You must be so proud! It’s great to see that you’re carrying on your Geography Bee champion tradition. That’s definitely something you’ll never forget!

      Come visit Miss Girard and I sometime. We’d love to hear how you’re doing!

      Mr. Avery

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